You will be toastie this Christmas!

TRESPASS: Retreat Mens Down Jacket

Whether you are a Brexiteer or not, my outdoor clothing choice has always been drawn towards British brands. It might be something to do with our usually naff weather but one thing we seem to be truly good at is designing top quality outdoor kit. Having used predominantly British clothing for my entire coast walk, I was delighted to be asked to test a Trespass Retreat Men’s Down Jacket


The jacket is not one I would normally use for heavy trekking or an adventure where sweating might be a tad profuse, but for general low energy strolling, a bit of winter dog walking, sitting around the campsite or watching your favourite football / rugby team at their latest home defeat, this jacket is a real winner. To say it is cosy is a minor understatement. With authentic down insulation (80% down / 20% feather – power fill 600) it is lightweight, yet as snug as any bugs favourite sleeping bag.

An easy to pull on padded winter jacket, it is perfectly and equally suitable for those chilly spring, autumn or Scottish summer evenings without making you look like the latest incarnation of The Michelin Man.  The Retreat Men’s Down Jacket is a luxurious treat and if you find yourself glowing a little more than you should whilst roasting your chestnuts, then just lower the zip….simples.

With 2 lower zipped pockets and 1 internal zipped chest pocket you can keep your precious  phone or wallet safe and make sure that you aren’t bereft of cash for your round of mulled wine or warm mead at the Christmas market. Coming in black with a discreet logo, I can definitely recommend the Retreat Men’s Down Jacket as an excellent option for cold, dry, wintry days.

Don’t forget the women’s jacket equivalent either – Letty Woman’s Down Jacket

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