Time to Decide……

18th November 2013.

For anyone who knows me, I’m probably not the greatest at making decisions. I’m the type that makes lists, analyses and re-analyses until my brain is completely fried and ready to implode.

For the last couple of years I have dreamed about walking the coast of the British mainland. With time, the dream has grown from a whimsical private thought to a burning obsession that arises in every conversation.

I have read many books and blogs. I have researched kit and routes with the dedication of a true nerd. I have constantly chewed over the impact on my family. I have worried about my physical ability. And I regularly suffer from self-doubt with added fear of apathy and lack of mental fortitude. But for once in my life I think my heart has ruled my head and the easy excuses of lack of time and money have been snatched away thanks to “early retirement”  from my long-term employer.  So maybe it’s time to just shut up, stop rambling incoherently and get on with actually doing something a little bit different and hopefully worthwhile.

Hence at 9:15 am – then again at 7:15pm and once more at 8:15pm – I committed to everyone in my contact list that I was going to do it. After a couple of hours tapping away at the keyboard a long-winded email winged its way out to over 120 people……most of whom now think I have completely lost the plot!