My Book

Yes! You’ve seen the  website, you’ve maybe worn the T-shirt. Now you can own an award winning book too! Yep – it won first prize in it’s category at the International Photography Awards, and I didn’t even suss that the invitation to the awards at the Carnegie Hall in New York was anything other than a scam…I had missed the word FREE….doh!


You can order it directly from me using Paypal, Cheque or Bank Transfer – £15.00, with free UK wide P&P. Clearly I would much prefer to sell it to you direct as it avoids the middle man and I will happily sign it if you ask nicely – but I doubt whether my scrawl will improve it’s value one jot.

If you can’t settle by any of the above methods – you can buy it hot off the press from Vertebrate Publishing or from a number of other well known UK and international online retailers including Amazon among many others.  It is also available to purchase via Waterstones and Foyles plus any independent book store where it can be ordered if not in stock. ISBN: 978-1-909461-51-2

Apologies to anyone who thought they might get a free copy for any reason. Unfortunately, I am just trying to cover my costs on this little project – if I am lucky! Buying it direct from me certainly helps me achieve that goal, as middle men tend to take a huge chunk of the sale price.

(Note: charges for delivery beyond the UK will be made at cost).
Peter Hill Cover 4


If you do buy it elsewhere please leave a nice review – I’m not an experienced author expecting great literary acclaim for my latest masterpiece. It’s gently written as a journal, adapted directly from my blog, illustrated with 300 photographs and supplemented with a few tongue in cheek driver’s comments. And yes it was proof read, god knows how many times …..and I’ve still found a couple of typos….grrrr. If you buy enough, I promise to make it perfect for any reprint and your 1st edition will thus become a valuable rarity just like J.K. Rowling’s, ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban’. I suspect not.

On clicking the cover image you will be directed to my contact page. Please complete your details and I will forward you an invoice for payment as soon as I see the email. On payment I will then dispatch the book as soon as I can get myself to the nearest Post Office – which is now 8 miles away…sigh! Delivery will be via Royal Mail.

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