Pointless Stats

These statistics exist because I like them and for no other reason. Why? because they exist. If you want any new ones please feel free to ask – I like fellow nerds.

Days: Start to Finish: 291

Actual Days Walked:  247

Miles Covered:  5,045.0

Average miles per day walked: 20.43

Longest Day: Formby to Walmer Bridge: 28.3 miles

Ascent Made:  536,815 ft  (Everest x 18.5)

Most Ascent in one day: Charlestown to Portloe, 6,062ft

Flattest Day: Skegness to Freiston Shore: 88ft

Highest Point: 2,064 ft – Pass of the Cattle, Nr Applecross

Friendliest People Met: Inverie, Knoydart

Favourite Full Walking Day: Whitesand Bay to Strumble Head – 28th April

Favourite Short Walks: Postie’s Path – 14th August AND Inveralligin to Lower Diabaig – 7th August

Best Road Walk: Drumbeg Road – 18th August

Worst Road Walk: A83 to West Tarbert – 30th June

Most Idyllic Place: Kervaig nr Cape Wrath

River estuaries waded (boots & socks off): 7 (I think)

LEJOG Miles Completed: 2,785


South West Coast Path: 643 miles, 144,847 ft
Wales Total:                  731 miles,    95,753 ft
England Part 1:             786 miles,  152,455 ft (incl. SW Coast Path)
England Part 2:              311 miles,   12,894 ft
Scotland Total:          2,000 miles,  216,168 ft
England Part 3:            1,217 miles,  59,545 ft
England Total:           2,314 miles,  224,894 ft


Trips & Slips:  10 Times (4 in one very wet Morvern day incl 2 x face plants).

Boots Worn Out:  3 Pairs

Soaked…all Layers:  Five (Hurricane Bertha didn’t quite get me!)

Blister Count:  Twelve – I think (one in same place six times)

Injuries and whinges: 1 Suspected broken toe (stage 3) – 21st Feb, 1 x Trapped nerve in shoulder (March & April), 1 x very dodgy tum – 27th Feb, Torn skin off back of right hand – 14th June (not even when walking), Tweaked left hamstring – 21st Aug. Sore Left Achilles – from July onwards. Painful Right Hip – 26th September for a few days.

Best Pint/s: Victoria Hotel, Drigg, Cumbria & The Ship, Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire

Duff Dogs Met: One…..It was a little rat on stilts and the owner said it was my stick or hat. I reminded her that it was the dog and not me.

Ice Creams Eaten:  Errrrrrrrrrrr……..lots!

Clipped by vehicle wing mirror:  Once but numerous close calls….thanks!

Overtaken by another walker: 10 Times (five times in town, once by a hare equivalent who I later overtook, once by a woman dog walker going like an express train and three women speed walking nr Clacton)

Snickers Woes:
2 x Minor Rear Bumper Knocks…..both repaired and better than original
1 x Wing Mirror – broken by a builders lorry passing at speed. Make do repair
1 x Fridge Lock – worked much better with a plastic golf tee
1 x Door Lock – just failed in Week 1 and never worked again, could be opened and locked from inside only.
1 x Glass Hob Cover – didn’t like a hot kettle –  handmade wooden cover replacement. 
1 x Tap – snapped off – Fitted very expensively due to several leaking replacements.
2 x Silly flimsy loops in door – snapped
1 x Leaking skylight – Repaired
3 x Electrical Problem re leisure battery supply – fuse found and replaced three times
3 x Kitchen Tap Leaking badly – fourth replacement tap eventually worked. 
1 x Rear light cluster fault – one bulb blown plus loose wiring
1 x Rear and opposite front corner light gone – dodgy Fiat wiring and fuse 
1 x Headlights not working – Fiat fuse board mislabelled…doh!
1 x Snapped Key 
1 x Boiler water hose detached – replaced after mopping up!
1 x “The bumper just fell off” – fixed better than the original fitting!
1 x “The skylight just fell off” – replacement fitted.







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