The following organisations and individuals have been extremely supportive.  I am truly and eternally grateful. I only hope that I can one day return the favours.

ViewRanger_Logo_2Supreme Systems

bs header (man)

Snickers’ Cast (in order of appearance):

Rich (Big Bro) and his collie, Jake

Jules (Marathon Man)

Mike (Cuz)

Sharpie (Paddy)

Alec (The Leveller)

Mark (Banger)

Clive (The Morris)

Mags & Tracy (Thelma & Louise or The Blag Queens)

Rob (Big…. Nose)

Stuart & Phil (The Glory H Boys)

Aled (Choir Boy)

John (Ditsy) and Cardboard Karen

Terry & Alfie (Big & Little Vern)

Reyno (Tweetie Pie)

Phil (Bradders)

David & Caroline (The Johnners)

Ray (Meercat)

Nick (Forget-me-not)

Reesy (See You Next Tuesday)

Simon (The Snake Charmer)

Sue (SBW / The bumper just fell off) and Diesy the Dog

Lorna & Geoff (Knits & Tees) and Cally the Dog

Ray & Suze (Fusey & Suzie)

Jeff & Jen (LBBs)

Amy & Glynn (The Double Take Twins)

Bob (The Yes Man)

Sara (Smokey)

Woody (Windy Miller)

Kate (Katy Kate)

Aaron (MDF)

Steve, Anita & Mum (Da Famile)

Paul (What no skylight?)

Ian (Burg) (TOWIE)

 Mike B (Iggy Pop)

James (Just James)

Thanks Also Due to:

Old Pal Rik and Chris from Leicestershire MSNTC for their undying support and buddy beacon stalking abilities

Old Pal Graham from Southwest SIA and his numerous PAs, for keeping it light and making the early days worth enduring

Reyno and Amanda from the SIA for their Twitter activities

Liz at SIA and Viv at MSNTC

Besty at Breathing Space for his personal support and general mickey taking

Jeff & Jen et al. for the boots donated by members of the LEJOG Association

Martin for being an equal nerd and preparing all of the 1:50000 hard copy maps used for agreeing RVs and assisting drivers.

To ALL the campsites, caravan parks, marinas & pubs who gave us a free or a reduced rate stopover

To the people of Knoydart for being so friendly, welcoming and accommodating

Maggie & Bo for their jam, chutney, cake & hospitality offer

Helen for her evening of cud chewing company sharing a bottle of whisky and for an offer to drive Snickers

Jane, Rob & Kate, Paul & Manti, Wol, Tricia, Richard & Nancy, Pete & Angie, Jeannie, Lesley & Lindsay, Sue (again xx), Abi & Steph, Paul, Nirada, Ann, Carlo & Mel, David & June – For their kind hospitality.

Gemma & Rachel for believing in me


             A VERY BIG THANK YOU!!!!

And last but by no means least: A big thanks to Kate for her daily weather forecasts, her dog walking, plus her house and garden maintenance skills.

And if I have forgotten anyone……please accept my thanks and send me a stroppy email.


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5 thoughts on “Credits

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  2. I think the web site is really well put together and I am amazed how easy it will be to see where you have got to.makes our c2c seem rather timid.


  3. Hello! I’m currently hitchhiking in Latin America and searching for a boat back. My partner Emma and I have been travelling for 16 months now, 10 of them without money, so we understand your situation we’ll. Anyway, I arrived at your blog because you’re doing something now that I would love to in the future. In that respect, thank you for such a detailed, beautiful and heart-felt resource.

    I was thinking it might be worth asking AlpKit for sponsorship. They’re a great UK based outdoor equipment company and I know they occasionally sponsor folk. Given that you have already started, have a blog underway too and are a hero,you may be in with a chance. That said,what do I know?!

    Best of luck!



    • Thanks Anthony – I’ve tried a fair few corporate sponsors but have got ignored or blanked many times and its all a bit depressing. I don’t particularly want to be a celeb but they do seem to get all the support they need, but they are also more effective at raising money and getting press coverage. Good luck with your boat back quest and thanks for showing interest in my little quest. I’m a long way off being even a vague hero but thanks for your very kind words. Pete


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