Support Still Sought, Donations Page Live

Seeking support for some of my expenses continues to prove depressingly tough. It’s essentially a process of getting repeatedly ignored or fended off by a shield of Corporate Responsibility Managers who tuck themselves behind a single nominated charity and / or ‘Corporate Policy’.

Now please don’t get me wrong. I am fully aware that in not being a high-profile celebrity or elite athlete with the prospect of prime-time publicity or a TV series of my venture I am unlikely to be able to give a corporate sponsor the return they really seek  (though I will try, promise). I also fully understand any genuine reasoning due to lack of a budget. In my old business world I was quite adept at having to explain away unexpected and sometimes chunky over-spends. Nevertheless, budget restrictions were still a genuine reason I had to use on many occasions. So if you can help – please get in touch. I have a real desire not to be bankrupt by the end of this project and could do with help for the following: Fuel and gas (est. £3,000), basic food and provisions (est. £4,200), boots and kit (est. £1,000), insurance for the motorhome and free stopovers with facilities for the odd bath, laundry and occasional comfy bed.

In chasing support, I have to say that the generosity of smaller organisations and individuals is much more encouraging. Any support, whether large or small, is something that raises a big fat cheesy grin and an excited skip to my step every time. Whether it is the generosity of a complete stranger, or that of a friend or old business contact, my motivation takes a little leap forward with every act of kindness. As a small return to their investment, all of my business supporters to date have a deserved page of their own.

Now then….  Much more importantly than any of my bleating above, I have just opened a Virgin Money Giving page to accept all donations to the SIA and MSNTC. This can also be accessed via my Donations page and will remain live for the next 12 months. So please have a little dig in your wallet, purse or pocket and see if you can’t cough up loads of your hard-earned, begged, freshly laundered or inherited cash and give it to two excellent causes. The more you give, the fewer excuses I have to give up. So go on – make me suffer!

In other news: Mud, miles, mud, miles, family colds sniffling and coughing all around me, more mud, a few more miles….errr….that’s it really!

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