I forgot to mention the title…doh!

Well – for you die hard types who still have some vague interest, I had to get out of bed at silly o’clock yesterday for a brief appearance on the most listened to radio show in….errr….my house this weekend.  A welcome cup of tea and a quick chat with Monica Winfield at BBC Radio Leicester again and there I was attempting to plug my book whilst  pathetically failing to mention the title of it throughout the entire interview….hmmm! However, if you know me at all, you will know that getting anything more than a monosyllabic “ugg” out of me at that time of day is a minor miracle. Feel free to have a listen at 1:43:11 into the program (with an embarrassing gushing preview at 0:17:29) and if you want to order your book direct from me or any of the usual retailers, go on – order one, two or twenty copies – they make great door stops. And if you do buy it direct from me, you will help me get the boxes out of the house before the floor gives way.


4 thoughts on “I forgot to mention the title…doh!

  1. I received my book yesterday and was well impressed, some amazing photographs, I have not read it all yet of course but like what I have and found it easy reading. Well done Pete, Guess which is my favourite picture?


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