A Quick Interview

It now seems a lifetime since I did my walk. The relevance of trying to flog a few books and talk about it is undoubtedly labouring the point a bit now and many of my friends would probably like me to shut up as the horse flogging is getting a smidgen repetitive and the poor thing must be long dead. But hell I still have boxes of heavy “award winning” books to clear – so please don’t run away yet!

So when someone asked to interview me for another website which specialises in “adventurer and nomad interviews”, I ventured out of my cupboard under the stairs to happily recall a few memories and talk about kit and other nerdy stuff. It was all quite cathartic for me really. So if anyone has any vague interest remaining or considers themselves a slightly weirdo stalker type, please feel free to have a look at Mightygoods.com. My interview is tucked away in the trekking section, but there are loads of interviews on there for anyone who has a little bit of adventure in their heart and is maybe seeking some inspiration.

Oh and lest I forget – book reviews on Amazon are always welcome – as long as you are reasonably nice to me. I really would like to see more than ten reviews. With nine so far, I am almost at my first target. Thanks to any of you who might have done so already, your words are much appreciated. Now it is time for me to get back to doing some paid work…. hurrumph, sulk sulk!


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