Time to Decide……

18th November 2013.

For anyone who knows me, I’m probably not the greatest at making decisions. I’m the type that makes lists, analyses and re-analyses until my brain is completely fried and ready to implode.

For the last couple of years I have dreamed about walking the coast of the British mainland. With time, the dream has grown from a whimsical private thought to a burning obsession that arises in every conversation.

I have read many books and blogs. I have researched kit and routes with the dedication of a true nerd. I have constantly chewed over the impact on my family. I have worried about my physical ability. And I regularly suffer from self-doubt with added fear of apathy and lack of mental fortitude. But for once in my life I think my heart has ruled my head and the easy excuses of lack of time and money have been snatched away thanks to “early retirement”  from my long-term employer.  So maybe it’s time to just shut up, stop rambling incoherently and get on with actually doing something a little bit different and hopefully worthwhile.

Hence at 9:15 am – then again at 7:15pm and once more at 8:15pm – I committed to everyone in my contact list that I was going to do it. After a couple of hours tapping away at the keyboard a long-winded email winged its way out to over 120 people……most of whom now think I have completely lost the plot!

One thought on “Time to Decide……

  1. Time for me to comment on what is turning out to be a very professional page well done Pete xx Sorry to say that the Pete massive may have to put up with the odd comment from me between now and next year (and for those of you who don’t have a clue who I am my name is Kate, Pete’s equally as mad other half for letting him do this!)
    Just wanted to take the opportunity to say how proud I am of you Pete and your dedication to your training schedule, there is no doubt in my mind you can do this. I do think though, if it has to be done with big Bertha I may be nursing your joints back to health on your return, but still feel you would give it all you have even if you have to do it with her hefty 40lbs + on your back! So come on drivers how about committing to 2 weeks or maybe 3???? 😉
    When you start your epic journey next year I will be by your side as you leave and my thoughts and love will be with you every step you take back to me by this time next year xx Oh and don’t forget the odd cheeky weekend I will be fitting in along your journey ( not as though you will be up for much 😉 )
    You can do this Pete xx
    Proud of you and love you to bits, although carry on losing weight the way you are I will not recognise you on your return!
    Kate xx
    (Don’t worry folks my posts won’t always be so soppy, hope to share a lot of humour with you on his way round x)


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