So far, so good

The response to my lengthy email of 12 days ago has so far been incredibly supportive and if nothing else consistent. Almost every response from family and friends has confirmed my madness but at the same time expressed real encouragement.  But undoubtedly I need more help if I am to achieve my quest as I have given myself a real headache in terms of logistics. 

Many who have completed this challenge have done it with a very big rucksack and little or no help other than occasional offers of a hot bath and bed. I do not have a military background and have been through two knee operations, so I suspect that the additional weight demands of a full pack might just put this walk out of reach for a while. I can carry 44lbs for a day or two but for me to do so over 10 months would probably mean delaying the project a year as I try to build up any long lost youthful strength. It is an option – but only if my logistical headache cannot be cured.

Hence, I have decided to copy Spud (see links) and see if I can acquire a cheapish secondhand bullet proof motorhome as a roving base camp and get friends, family, vague acquaintances and even complete strangers to come along and meet me at the end of every day.  To date I have got 15 volunteers and I am truly thankful for their enthusiasm……..but I still need more before I venture out to beg, borrow or steal a bus. Soooooo……..if you are reading this and fancy sharing in my adventure by spending a week or so in a motorhome then please please – and I really am begging – get in contact. 



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