Facing my demons

The logistical headache I have created in trying to avoid attempting this walk with a 40lb rucksack on my back has got me through an entire pack of Nurofen already – not forgetting the fish oil and glucosamine. I know I am asking a great deal of friends and family to drop everything for a week with me, my sweat and my snoring in a third-hand motorhome in winter. But I am beginning to realise that if I can’t get drivers for my bus I will as likely  need hip or knee replacement surgery within two weeks of starting. Maybe I should have thought of this project 25 years ago!

Nevertheless, I have started training with a fully loaded ‘Big Bertha’ on my back just in case. I get some strange looks trudging through the village with a tent and cooking equipment but I’m past the age where image actually matters, so I just issue a polite “Good morning” and leave behind a quizzical but none the wiser glare.Big-Bertha

Fortunately, drivers are beginning to come forwards now. I have filled the crucial first weeks and have been told that I am confirming bookings like a certain bucket airline and I’m not going to mention the airline unless they sponsor me. As of today – I still desperately need to fill driver slots and get my backside out into the winter sunshine to notch up some more miles before sunset. All offers are very very welcome and if you want to contact me you can email me via my ‘about me’ page.

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