Training and Logistics

Hmmmmmm – I thought I’d left the world of logistics behind. I’ve organised charity raising efforts and team logistics before and I know it’s never an easy task but clearly my memory is a little lacking. Getting support and back-up is not easy and certainly not after a long training traipse around the muddy Leicestershire countryside. Though I’ve had plenty of excellent feedback and encouragement, so far I have yet to see much materialise and with Christmas creeping up on us I really need to get things in place fast. So if you are reading this and know of anyone who might be able to help or contribute (particularly as support drivers) then please get in touch ASAP. There might be a beer or two in it for them if they do…..honest!

As for the training. Well…….at least it seems to be running to plan. I’m getting a tad fed up treading the same paths, fields and lanes of North Leicestershire but when the mud gets too monotonous my mind seems to disappear into its own little planning and logistics world which certainly kills the hours. I’m on schedule to complete 72 miles this week and a total of over 400 miles since I first started. With an increase of 10% per week I should be achieving 100 miles per week by the first week of January. The only lottery I play these days is guessing which long under-utilised joint is going to ache tomorrow. Today – “I have mostly been hurting at the left ankle”

N.B. I have also now updated my schedule page with a column showing confirmed back up drivers. I am waiting for many to confirm their offers – hence there are a huge amount of available slots to fill. 

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