A few milestones


Dalby Sunset

Tempting fate, somehow I have been exceedingly lucky in dodging the worst of the British winter weather. In saying that, maybe I am just missing out on perfect opportunities to acclimatise.  And as we close in on Christmas and turn the corner of the shortest day of the year at least I can gradually relax the need to chase the daylight hours and look forward to a blissful 2014 of soft sunshine and gentle breezes… errrrr methinks not!


It’s always great to meet or beat a few targets and if this week is anything to go by – I’ve tagged more than a few!

In training this week I’ve totted up over 80 miles with 60 miles completed over 3 days … bang on my target distance…whahay!   To date I have now covered more than 550 training miles with 44, 000 ft of ascent and achieved every incremental goal set. With every injury free mile, my confidence in actually being able to do this walk grows. The sane part of my head still insists that I need to be sectioned for missing out on rich pickings by refusing to chase any freelance consultancy work. Nahhhhhhh…insanity is ALL mine! Though I have to admit that huge pangs of worry and guilt about leaving my family behind are probably the hardest to overcome and even vaguely justify.

So what else? I’ve now lost 18 pounds in weight and my moobs have nigh on vanished.  I never set any weight loss target so this is a real bonus. It is gratifying not having to see the bathroom scales grimace quite so much as I approach. The only down side is that all my kit is beginning to hang off me and I’m loathed to have to dig into my pockets to re-equip myself with expensive trousers, base-layers and tops. At least I don’t need to consider support bras anymore. So, unless I can find a kit sponsor (hint hint) I suspect I will be watching out for bargains on eBay re unwanted Christmas presents.

The most notable target achieved is that I now have support drivers to cover the entire SW England section. If I can now get commitment from a few more (another hint hint) to fill the Welsh section by New Year then I will just have to go out and acquire a second / third / fourth hand motorhome in January. Again, if I can possibly find a sponsor to help acquire, insure, fuel and heat the ‘Blunder Bus’ then maybe, just maybe, I won’t be entirely bankrupt by this time next year. And yes this is my last MASSIVE HINT for today.

So, all in all, the project is still very much on. Doubts abound but they are losing the battle and ease away with every conversation I might have with my nearest and dearest.

Oh yes…..I also could do with a food and provisions sponsor…….oops I think that was another hint. AND I need some more boots!

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