Anyone for Strip Poker?

Well I tempted the fate of the British weather with my last post and yesterday fate took full advantage and tested my kit to its limits. 20 miles of horizontal rain and gale force winds did their best to make it a joyous pre-Christmas outing.

At one point during my water-borne facial acupuncture session I managed to tot up that I was wearing 17 items of clothing  and would have made a difficult man to beat in a game of strip poker. And even then I could have counted my watch for an all-in bet and 18th item.

So – how did the kit perform? Pretty well for the first three hours. But I now have a radiator covered with drying clothes and that includes my underpants. Conclusion: I think that waterproofs are great for short-term downpours, but for long-term exertion even the best don’t breath that well when they are sodden with rain on the outside and growing condensation and sweat on the inside.

All in all it was a great day and very heartening to know that I can literally weather the storm without acquiring double pneumonia.

On the down side and a little more seriously, I arrived home to find out that Kate’s mum is in hospital with pretty horrendous head injuries following a nasty fall.  My own priorities need to slip backstage for a little while as nothing is that important. I hope that her mum gets better fast and that her Christmas is not completely spoilt.

That’ll do for a few days as I need to finish wrapping, get the logs in for the fire and have a day or two not wearing out my boots too early.

Merry Christmas

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