Now I’m naming the fields! Do they sponsor madmen?

With most of Christmas Day spent in the car nipping southwards to happily see that Kate’s mum is getting better, followed by a Boxing Day with the what can politely be described as a dodgy tum after a soggy Christmas dinner service station sandwich, it was still a lovely yet quietly different Christmas. With the need to stay close to comfortable facilities I had a few days off from anything more than a 6 mile loop with the dogs. So today I finally ventured out into the wind and rain again for 17 more muddy miles and all was good with the world.

I was pleasantly surprised to average over 3.6 miles per hour and the occasional glimpse of a very weak sun brought two sunny songs out of me at full volume. I’m sure Bill Withers and George Harrison wouldn’t be overly impressed with my tone or my recollection of the lyrics, but I enjoyed myself. At least I did until a flock of sheep gave me a collective vacant stare that brought me back in to the conscious world. After that I spent the next twenty minutes attempting, with very little success, to remember as many songs about the sun as I could. Guess what?  Yes. There is a web-site:

I am now really beginning to think that I need a change of scenery and that I need to get on with this walk and soon. Worryingly, I’ve even started to name the individual fields that I regularly pass through in a less imaginative but slightly Tolkeinesque way. So far I have: The Field of Glum, The Field of Glee, The Field of Gloom and The Field of Gladness. To me the names reflect the way I feel as I pass through them. In truth there is not a lot to choose between them other than the depth of mud.

And now for homework – it’s time to hunt out some more sponsors. If I don’t get sponsors, this project is going to seriously hurt my wallet and it has already been bruised thanks to Christmas. So – if any good hearted readers out there can help, or point me in the direction of help, I would gladly promote their support on this site, put decals on any motorhome and do talks, presentations or anything to help make it work. ViewRanger have already helped and I will happily be using their product every day as it was always my preferred choice of digital map.  I am looking for help for the following:

  1. A motorhome (2nd, 3rd or 4th hand, reliable 4,5,6 berth yet compact for country lanes)
  2. Fuel and Gas for the motorhome
  3. Insurance too
  4. Food and provisions throughout the event
  5. Boots and walking kit (I have two new pairs of boots – one exchanged by Salomon on warranty and my clothes are beginning to fall off me due to my decreasing size)
  6. Stopovers with facilities for the odd bath, laundry and occasional comfortable bed.

So if you just so happen to be reading this and are the CEO of a global corporate giant or even if you run the local corner shop – I’m your man! Please get in touch.

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