How About A Prize Winning Book for Christmas?

create_winner_seal-phpI have to say that I am genuinely and very pleasantly surprised, if not a little shocked!

Not that I am one to brag….err….too much. But it appears that my little tome has won first prize in its category at the 2016 International Photography Awards (IPA).

Now surely that must make it a half-decent Christmas pressie for someone you might love, like, occasionally tolerate, or even cross the road to avoid.

Much though it is truly grand to be awarded a gong of any kind, the manner in which I discovered I had won something was a reflection of my level of expectation.

Late last night I opened what I thought was junk mail from the IPA only to find a request for a high resolution image for the new IPA Book of Photography, featuring this year’s winning images. I responded asking them if they were sure they wanted something from me, as I didn’t think I had won anything. Err….wrong Mr Hill.   And now a few things began to dawn on me. Why was it that I had received an invitation to attend the awards ceremony at Carnegie Hall in New York last month? Maybe it wasn’t just an invitation to part with a huge wad of cash in air fares and tickets to an event they were promoting. Anyway, the invitation was very short notice and though they said that the tickets were complimentary I had some work booked in Sweden (which was then cancelled at even shorter notice…ho hum).

Nonetheless, I never suspected that I really stood a chance when the entry was sent off. Nor was I even sure that the competition was a big deal or particularly well recognised. Err….wrong Mr Hill. Maybe my category was a little low on entries? Err….wrong Mr Hill. So hey – I’m pretty chuffed! Thanks guys!

Maybe now I can actually feed a little from this and get those hefty boxes of books shifted from my study. So if you fancy buying a book or ten for someone this Christmas, or for a birthday or even just for the hell of it, then please do?  Signed copies won’t increase the value – but I can still hold a pen.




6 thoughts on “How About A Prize Winning Book for Christmas?

  1. Wow! A long distance walker, a nationally renowned author and now an internationally awarded photographer, as well as an all round good bloke. I feel so honoured. Well done! Gwyndra and Chris

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  2. Well done Pete Your photographs are deserving of the prize. Off walking in the Yorkshire dales this weekend with the Grimsby club. Fingers crossed for good visibility. Regards Simon

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  3. Very well deserved Hilly, another reason why I really must decide on which prints I want for the front room wall finally. That is as long as this award hasn’t taken them out of my price range!

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  4. Well done Pete, you deserve it. Mind you when I saw ‘IPA” I thought you’d won a brewing award. Every time I open a bottle of ‘Proper Job’ it reminds of our time in Snickers in a cold field in Cornwall. Wishing you and Kate a great Christmas Love Alec aka The Leveller And Jeannie

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